Anti-Seize Lubricants

Turbo Anti-Seize Lubricant may be used on all bolts, studs, valve shafts, transmission shafts, valve assemblies, and other types of assembly work where protection against seizing, galling or corrosion is desired. It is also slow drying, stays flexible, and withstands pressure to 5000 psi. These lubricants are specially designed to work in environments and/or heat that is beyond the scope of adhesives formulation to prevent seizing, galling, pitting, cold welding, wear and corrosion that could otherwise result in product failture or prevent disassembly of parts needing maintenance.

Turbo 80 is a specialty Aluminum, Copper & Graphite based Anti-Seize Lubricant that combines the best features of the most commonly used additives; it exceeds the specifications of MIL-PRF-907E and is rated to perform between temperatures of -65°F to 2000°F. It's unique formula serves as a one product solution for most general purpose anti-seize use.
Turbo 83 is a pure, tasteless, non-toxic, premium Food Grade Anti-Seize that provides excellent lubricity and resistance to wash out. It is designed to meet the strict requirements found in the food, beverage, drug and cosmetic industries, and is compliant with NSF H-1 and FDA requirements for incidental food contact.
We Also have several other formulas available including a Nickel-based product suitable for speciality applications rated to 2600°F, an aircraft grade Zinc-based product and a Metal-Free product rated to 2400°F. However, these are non-stock items and only available by request with minimum order quantities.