Bearing & Shaft Retainer Compounds

Bearing & Shaft Retainer Compound are very similar to Thread Lockers; however, they have been specially designed for bonding bearings, bushings, gears and other cylindical assemblies. Traditional retaining methonds include welding & soldering, interference & shrink fits, keyways, splines, pins and set screws that are prone to vibration, backlash, fretting, shaft distortion and other localized stresses which result in wear and failure under operational loads.

Due to their high strengths and versatility our Retainer Compounds offer a multitude of benefits that overcome the flaws and limitations of traditional retaining methods greatly expanding the applications available to this type of assembly. When cured they unitize the assembly strength & reliability, better torque transmission and significantly reduced cost.

Our product line includes seven Retainer Compounds for shrink fit, slip fit, press fit, loose fit and high temperature applications. A variety of formulas allow these products to offer fast cures and slow cures to assemblies that require adjustment.