Stainless Steel UC 200 Series

Our SSUC 200 Series is made from 440C series stainless steel and is corrosion resistant. The SSUC Insert has a spherical OD which allows it to self-align when mounted in various types of Corrosion Resistant Mounted Bearing housings.

The SSUC insert is charged with Mobil FM222 NSF H1 grease for washdown applications. It features a Silicon Contact Seal designed to keep lubricant in while keeping contaminants out. The silicon seal is designed to purge as new food grade grease is gradually pumped into the bearing cavity. The silicon seal is protected by a 316 series stainless steel flinger positioned directly in front of the seal contact area. This flinger creates a barrier channel that makes it difficult for dirt and contaminants to get inside the insert bearing. When in operation dirt and debris are slung away from the bearing by centrifugal force.

The set screw area is high frequency annealed to reduce the potential for cracking in this critical area. The set screws are knurled cup-point stainless steel for increased shaft locking.

The SSUC insert comes standard as a regreaseable type with a grease access hole(s) machined in the outside diameter.