Thread Locker Compounds

Thread Locker Compounds, sometimes referred to as the brand "Loctite", are anaerobic adhesives intended to enhance or replace threaded mechanical fastener assemblies. Traditional fasteners rely on friction alone to retain clamp loads and even Class 3 threads and Grade 8 bolts are subject to imperfections through design and/or machining that allow failures to occur.

Thread Locking is the process of using an adhesive to bond interlocking threads found on mechanical fasteners that delivers 100% thread surface utilization, corrosion resisntance and maintains clamp loads by "locking" the fastener with adhesion forces once it has been assembled. This prevents loosening due to vibration, thermal expansion and material relaxation which ensures a safer more reliable assembly. The use of these products provides cost savings through reduced material costs, prevention of downtime and by replacing large inventories of differently sized and specialty fasteners.

We offer more than 20 different thread locking adhesives including primerless, high temperature and (non-anaerobic) plastic cinpatible formulas in order to satisfy the need in nearly any fastener application. Additionally, our bottles are color coded to match our adhesives for easy identification.

Low Strength (Purple) : Our low strength thread lockers are ideal for smaller fasteners with a diameter up to 1/4" (M6) and are easily removed with hand tools.

Medium Strength (Blue) : Our medium strength thread lockers provide more strength and are suitable for fasteners with a diameter up to 3/4" (M20) while still being removable without the use of heat or power tools.

High Strength (Red) : Our high strength red thread lockers permanently bond fasteners with diameters up to 3/4" (M20) and require heat or power tools for disassembly.

High Strength (Green) : Our high strength green thread lockers are designed to wick in to pre-assembled fastener threads, they also work well for sealing welds and other porous metal assemblies.