Thrust Ball Bearings

Our Thrust Ball Bearings are designed for axial loads in one direction only at primarily a 90° contact angle. Commonly, used to reduce noise and provide smooth motion for vertical shafts in automotive, marine and aerospace applications.

Thrust Ball Bearings consist of three separable parts:
1. The Shaft Washer
2. The Housing Washer
3. The Ball and Cage Assembly

Featuring the same construction as our ball bearings, the inner ring, outer ring and balls are produced using vacuum degassed 52100 bearing steel. After production, they are heat treat hardened to produce a durable wear surface on the balls and ball tracks. All ball retainers and shields are manufactured from cold rolled steel.

Although non-lubricated at the factory, we suggest that Thrust Ball Bearings be treated similar to other Single Row Deep Groove Radial Ball Bearings with a high temperature ball and roller bearing grease, such as Chevron SRI#2. Because Thrust Ball Bearings are considered to be “open” bearings and exposed to the environment, care must be taken to maintain the life of these ball bearings.