Jaw Couplings

Jaw Couplings are one of the first and still most widely used couplings in the world due to their inherent simplicity. Two identical hubs with 3 face lugs are connected through a star shaped element, sometimes referred to as an insert or spider. The 3-piece design makes them simple to work with and popular on applications such as pumps, fans, blowers and compressors. Our Hi-Q Jaw Couplings require no lubrication and provide high reliability for light to medium duty applications with good alignment of equipment and no requirement for torsional dampening. In normal operating conditions there is no metal to metal contact so the life of the hubs is virtually indefinite. However, in a catastrophic failure of the element the load would still be carried by the hubs providing a degree of failure protection. Our Jaw Couplings are also resistant to oil, dirt, moisture and grease.

The standard spider or element material is (NBR) Nitrile. It is highly flexible, oil resistant and the torsionally softest of the element options. It has a temperature operating range suitable for most industrial applications and allows for up to 1 degree misalignment capacity of the connected shafts. NBR is the most economically priced option.

Polyurethane (Poly) spiders or elements provide a torque range 150% of NBR with an added resistance to many chemical compounds and are available upon request.

(H) Hytrel spiders or elements are a popular option for high torque or high temperature application. They can carry 2-3 times the torque of the NBR elements for an adder safety factor or smaller coupling size selection. Due to the stiffer and harder material utilized they are not as flexible and misalignment capacities are about 1/2 of NBR. Hytrel elements sell for about 3 times the price of NBR but still may provide an overall price advantage due to smaller coupling sizes that may be used.